danke schoenToday is Friday, 11 January, 2019. And what boggles my over-saturated 21st Century imagination is why no one has made a sequel to 1986’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Frankly, the time is riper than a squishy avocado to revisit these saucy characters that encouraged us with their revelry and youthful mayhem, and to have a glimpse into their older (and perhaps wiser) selves. Then we can finally stop the endless speculation about whether Jeanie and Garth ever got married. Or if Principal Rooney ever overcame his rage issues.

C’mon Viacom, give the fans of this classic John Hughes teen comedy a shot of cinematic Viagra, and bring back the ol’ gang. If not now, when?

Random (not) Lizards


Now that we’ve finally entered 1959 we can look forward to tons more tomfoolery from the goofy editors at MAD Magazine! Check out the latest issue featuring Orson Bean, Bob and Ray, and the outrageous Ernie Kovacs! (How do they get away with it!)

“What? Me worry!?”